Help your child discover their own voice.

MyVoice is an alternative and augmentative communications aide (AAC) designed to help non-verbal, low cognitive people communicate their needs and desires. It’s the digital big brother of a “picture board”, a communication method that has been shown to work extremely well many non-verbal children. Unlike most other programs and devices of this type, MyVoice is designed to be extremely easy for caregivers to set up and users to use. We've taken every step to minimize data entry and simplify flow. My own child has autism and uses this program every day. She's gone from just standing and pointing (often leaving us guessing as to what she needs) to going and getting the device so she can tell us exactly what she wants. As a result we now experience very few “frustration tantrums” relative to before she started using the program*. Now we'd like to help as many people as we can break through the communication barrier with their children as well. Learn how MyVoice can help your child discover their own voice. Watch the tutorials or read the FAQ. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us.

MyVoice is giving back!

Part of the sale of each copy of MyVoice goes to charities that help people with communication related disabilities.

MyVoice is available now!

MyVoice runs on iOS and Android and is available both on the AppStore and the Android Market. For an Android phone/tablet it requires Android Version 2.1 (Eclair) or better, a camera and an SD card. For iOS it requires at least iOS 4.0.

* Each child is unique and your results may vary.